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Tomorrows Child Trust

We are expanding our activities

We propose to provide a service for vulnerable families. Those families who find themselves excluded from many services because of the nature of their vulnerability e.g mental health problems such as anti- social personality disorder, this problem often goes hand in hand with alcohol and drug use. These families have low levels of reflective functioning and this can have a detrimental effect on the cognitive and emotional development of their babies and children.

This is the first time we have been involved in delivering a service. We have mainly supported statutory services by providing funds for equipment and training. We have been planning to provide this service for some time and have been raising funds to the end. This would be a great opportunity for the charity to move this project forwards now at a time of need for Medway and Swale and Hastings families. Families who struggle to adequately parent their children often find these are not offered intensive parent infant interactive help. The consequence of this that children are often removed and placed in temporary foster care. This kind of parent infant work will help them to function more reflectively and have a longer lasting positive effect even in situations where parents may have their children removed. It will develop skills to manage a more appropriate relationship with their children while they are in care.

There is much evidence that many behavioural problems in children are due to difficulties parents have with reflective parenting. This leads to a vicious circle where children grow up in families where they are not adequately boundaried and they do have poor reflective functioning leading to anti-social behaviour. This has s detrimental effect on the community as a whole. The Parent Infant project has been delivered in London in a prison where mothers give birth to their babies and they stay with them in the neonatal period. This gives the mothers and the infants an opportunity to break the cycle.

Often, services which should be offered by statutory organisations need to be pioneered by charities to prove a case of their value and effectiveness. This is our opportunity to show that developing these skills in parenthood can benefit not just individual families but the community as a whole.